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Blood pressure screening is one of the most common services offered by pharmacies around you. It’s a very straightforward process but is also very crucial to your health and well-being.

Blood pressure measures how hard your heart is pumping to circulate blood and oxygen to all of the body’s cells. There are two types of BP readings, namely, diastolic and systolic. Diastolic blood pressure indicates how much pressure there is in the arteries in each heartbeat. On the other hand, systolic blood pressure shows how much pressure the arteries experience in between beats.

Screening does not only inform you what your blood pressure is, but it also shows if you’re at risk for certain diseases. An overly elevated BP reading is indicative of blood vessel damage, which could mean diabetes. That’s why you should regularly get your blood pressure checked at the nearest pharmacy or your general practitioner.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. It doesn’t take much time to pay your family doctor a visit, or your pharmacy to get your blood pressure checked. Better yet, you could buy a blood pressure testing kit and monitor your BP at home!

These pharmaceutical services in Texas exist to help save lives. Take advantage of these as often as you can. It can give you peace of mind, at the least.

Feel free to visit us now at Regency Pharmacy. We are a long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas, and we’re ready to serve your needs.

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