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When used for the greater good, technology can uplift millions or billions of lives. In modern medicine, you have access to care and treatment right from your neighboring Pharmacy.

As we advance, our applications and services have improved over time. We are not just your traditional retailer of medicines, we provide solutions that work for your needs.

One of our features is Blister Packaging – which is a simple yet efficient concept. A medication blister pack is a card that packages the medication per dose within a transparent plastic bubble or blisters – hence the name. Since it is small and sealed, it protects from exposure to elements. When it is time to take the meds, those pills or tablets can be immediately dispensed.

The medication blister packs may be a simple solution but improve overall compliance, convenience, and efficiency. Managing multiple medications all with different appearances, labels, doses, or schedules can get quite confusing for the caregiver and the patient. When these are grouped per intended dose, it becomes easier to follow. With improved experience, the risk of missing a dose is reduced or eliminated, contributing to the recovery as prescribed by the doctor.

Make convenience come your way as you access Pharmaceutical Services in Texas right where you are.

Regency Pharmacy has been a trusted Long Term Care Pharmacy in Houston, Texas and we continue to do so.

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