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Understanding your medications is essential for maintaining your schedule and overall health. To ensure you have all the information, ask your pharmacist questions at the pharmacy or during consultations. What to ask them? Check out these top questions below.

  • What is this medication, and what is its primary function?

    Whether taking one medication or multiple medications, know their names and intended use. You may see more than one physician, so let your doctors and pharmacists know about what you’re currently taking, like non-prescription drugs, herbal remedies, teas, dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

  • When and how do I take it?

    Knowing the schedule and process of taking your medications is vital to getting your desired results. When getting your pharmaceutical supplies, try to ask questions like:

    • Should I take it on an empty stomach or with food?
    • How often should I take it?
    • Should I take it at the same time every day?
    • How long should I take it?
  • Does this medication contain anything that triggers an allergic reaction?

    Buying your pharmaceutical services in Texas from the same pharmacy is an advantage because the pharmacist is familiar with your medical history and allergic reactions in the past. Otherwise, inform your pharmacists if you have allergic reactions, and ask them about the active ingredients in your medication. Take caution if the ingredients contain possible allergens that will trigger your allergies.

Are you looking for a long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas? Regency Pharmacy is dedicated to your health and wellness! We conduct medication therapy management to avoid drug-to-drug medications, drug duplication, appropriate dosing of prescription medication, etc. Contact us at 713-800-0308 today.

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