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What makes us special?

Regency Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas, that provides a myriad of pharmaceutical services to various institutions, such as psychiatric group homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, etc.

We receive prescriptions or medical orders from physicians, process them, and conveniently package the drugs to encourage medication compliance of our patients.

We provide patient counseling and drug-disease education i.e., diabetic education, blood pressure screening, and education, high blood cholesterol management education, etc.

We also conduct perpetual medication therapy management of our patients to avoid drug-to-drug interactions, drug duplication, appropriate dosing of prescription medication, etc. Regency Pharmacy also provides free delivery of medications and pharmaceutical supplies to our patients to ensure overall safety and convenience.

Our Mission

We have a mission to serve our community with a sense of commitment and excellence.

Our Vision

To help as many as possible to age in place.

Talk to Us!

Should you have concerns and/or questions about our services, please get in touch with us! We will be more than glad to be of assistance.

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