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More and more sicknesses have emerged throughout the years. Existing illnesses have even become deadlier. So given the prevalence of sicknesses, as well as the emergence of this dreaded COVID-19 virus, it is an absolute must to stay protected.

According to a long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas, here are some of the best ways to protect yourself against illnesses, including the COVID-19:

  • Wash Your Hands.
    Washing your hands effectively kills sickness-causing bacteria, germs, and viruses on your hands, making it a reliable way to protect yourself from illnesses and prevent them from spreading. And remember to wash for at least 20 seconds for a thorough cleanse!
  • Wear Your Masks.
    Face masks consist of layers that filter out the air that you breathe in, which can be a reliable form of protection against airborne illnesses. Wearing face masks also reduces the chances of spreading viruses and sicknesses such as the common cold to other people.
  • Stay Healthy.
    People who have optimum health have strong immune systems. And with strong immunity, you are less likely to contract diseases, so to effectively ward off sicknesses and keep your body resilient, make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get Vaccinated.
    Vaccines provide optimum protection against diseases. As a matter of fact, they have even controlled multiple illnesses such as polio, measles, and now the COVID-19, which is why healthcare professionals highly recommend getting vaccinated or immunized, especially during this time of the pandemic.

If you seek quality medications, multivitamins, or even health monitoring to ensure optimum health and sickness prevention, only avail them from a trusted pharmacy such as Regency Pharmacy.

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