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People diagnosed with chronic health conditions are often prescribed by their doctors with several medications per day. It is important to take their medications at the proper time and dosage in order to treat or manage their illnesses. But some may miss one or two doses which can result to treatment failures or worsening of their conditions. That is why, refilling their medications through a reliable pharmacy is important.

Here are some reasons why one should refill their medications in advance:
  • It enhances their medication compliance by being able to take the medications as prescribed.
  • It quickens their recovery by reducing the symptoms or treating their conditions.
  • It improves their overall well-being by being able to enjoy their everyday life with lessened difficulty brought by the illness.
  • It promotes medication synchronization, particularly if they subscribed to automatic refills provided by a pharmacy.

Regency Pharmacy is a long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas where we offer pharmaceutical products and healthcare services that focus on improving an individual’s overall wellness and ensuring that they are in their best health.

Aside from our pharmaceutical supplies, we also offer the following services:

To know more of our pharmaceutical services in Texas, you may visit our website at or reach out to us at 713-800-0308.

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