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The world is still fighting the pandemic crisis. Some countries are still recovering while some are still struggling to go back to their normal lives. And during times like this, it is important to secure the health of our senior loved ones since they are most likely prone to virus and diseases. 

Avoiding frequent trips to the ER is one way to protect your loved ones from any risk of exposure from certain illnesses. Here are some helpful tips your seniors should do to them out of the ER:

  • Stay on top of your medications
  • Stay away from benzodiazepines
  • Stay alert for safety risks at home
  • Stay in touch with your primary care physician
  • Stay active and get in touch with your Pharmacy for prescription follow-ups

If you are looking for a reliable Long Term Care Pharmacy in Houston, Texas that you can entrust your prescriptions to, then we are the ones you can trust. 

When it comes to providing Pharmaceutical Services in Texas, Regency Pharmacy is always willing to go extra mile just to satisfy the health needs of our customers. We offer services that focus on you or your loved ones’ overall wellness. 

With us being your Retail Pharmacy, we guarantee professional healthcare services and products that will help you live an enhanced quality of life. If you wish to know more about our services, please feel free to give us a call or drop by our pharmacy. We are always available to answer any of your inquiries.

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