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As you age, you will usually need more medications to help manage your symptoms, improve your health, or treat your condition. Managing medications is proved to be difficult for seniors.

As the leading retail pharmacy in Texas, we specialize in proper medication management. Allow us to share some helpful tips on how seniors can manage their prescriptions better.

  • Keep a detailed list of all the medications that you are taking.

    This will help you keep track of all your medications. Giving a copy to a friend or family member can be very helpful in case of an emergency.

  • Read medication labels.

    Before taking your medications, carefully read the labels and check the expiration date to ensure that you are taking safe and appropriate medications.

  • Take your medicine as prescribed.

    You should take your medicine consistently and according to your doctor’s instructions. Do not attempt to self-medicate because it may lead to complications.

  • Study your medications.

    Learning more about your medications can help you become more aware of their side effects and potential interactions with other medications.

  • Consider services like automatic refills.

    If you often forget to refill your medications, the auto refill is the best option for you. Through auto refills, you will be able to help you stay on schedule with your medications.

If you need pharmaceutical services in Texas, then you are in luck! Regency Pharmacy is here to help. We are a long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas aiming to offer high-quality pharmaceutical products and services to our community at competitive prices.

Visit the best pharmacy in town today. For questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at 713-800-0308.

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