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As of the year 2021, 537 million adults (20-79 years) are living with diabetes. The Diabetes Atlas states that “this number is predicted to rise to 643 million by 2030 and 783 million by 2045. Over 3 in 4 adults with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries.”

As your dependable long term care pharmacy in Houston, Texas, Regency Pharmacy would like to share some tips on how you can prevent diabetes or manage its effects. Through our consultation services/walk-in clinic, we aim to educate our clients about healthy dietary changes to keep diabetes at bay.

  • Control your weight.

    Harvard’s School of Health shares that “being obese makes you 20 to 40 times more likely to develop diabetes than someone with a healthy weight.” Check out our pharmaceutical services in Texas to find out how you can effectively lose weight.

  • Stay active!

    It’s time to turn off the TV and start moving. Brisk walking for half an hour every day can significantly reduce your chances of getting diabetes. You can do any types of exercise that you feel is best for your lifestyle.

  • Tune up your diet.

    Fill your pantry with whole-grain products over highly processed carbohydrates. Choose healthy fats from avocados, vegetable oil, nuts, and seeds. Limit red meat and avoid processed meat; choose nuts, beans, poultry, or fish instead.

  • Get rid of your vices.

    Studies show that heavy smokers and drinkers have a higher chance of getting type 2 Diabetes. If you are struggling with letting go of cigarettes, avail of nicotine patches at our community pharmacy.

We hope these tips will help you keep diabetes away. For more health tips, feel free to visit our pharmacy anytime!

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